Thursday, April 24, 2008

must be talkin' to an angel

So. I had a long, tiring day at work today. And the weather has taken a weird turn towards the still: no wind, and a vague, grey cloudy haze in the sky. The kind of day where I might just go home, eat, and call it a night.


I won't be able to get any exercise tomorrow due to my schedule. And I've been enjoying my general sense of well-being lately.

So I got home, picked up my iPod, and got right out into the park for a long, long walk. I walked down to get my dry-cleaning, and then came home and ate an extremely sensible dinner. I've already declined one offer to go out on the town tonight, and wonder if some folks will call later after their event .

Just when I was about to MAYBE consider walking around the corner or opening myself up to the POSSIBILITY of meeting up with the gang should they call, I got a different kind of call. Like an angel from heaven, Little John just called me from NYC to remind me of our mutual goal: to look great for PTown. A goal that will not be met by boozing during the week. Sometimes I forget how much I miss him.

Now, I'm on my second glass of organic red wine, but that has nutritional value, right?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


* I had a sex dream last night. First one since....?
* The gorgeous weather continues...thank god
* Didn't so much care for the Andrew Lloyd Weber night on Idol...
* Despite my oh-so-slight fatigue today, I managed a good hour's walk in the park
* I have a busy weekend's all good
* I will NOT be attending the Inman Park Festival, as such events drive me nuts
* I still love my job
* I still can't wait for summer break
* I'm watching "The Witches of Eastwick" right now, and have the strangest urge to have martinis with the girls...

Monday, April 21, 2008

simple joys have a simple voice...

...that says, "why not go ahead?"

Okey doke. This might seem very 'well, well, well-ish' of me, but here's a recap (more for my own memory than your entertainment...sorry).

On Friday night, the DJ and I decided to have a smart cocktail in the neighborhood. The weather was Picture Perfect, and the pull was too great to resist. So we both walked (yes, was fabulous) to Steel, the new Asian-Fusion-Steakhouse-Trendy Bar/Restaurant/Lounge in the Plaza Midtown. I hate to sound jaded, but you seen one Asian-Fusion-Steakhouse-Trendy Bar/Restaurant/Lounge in a glass condo in Atlanta - you seen 'em all. I mean, it's NICE and everything, but I'm waiting for the next thing in restaurants to take us away from the slick, concrete-and-glass, water treatment-ish type of thing that prevails in town. But the company was extraordinary, and we had an enjoyable time. Even when we went to Gilbert's, which seems to have gone the way of Burkhart's on Fridays. I mean, braided belts and acid-washed denim shorts really don't belong anymore. Just sayin'. Neither does anything from the International Male catalog, no matter how recent the issue. Ok, I'll cut the catty.

For the first time in a very, very long time, I didn't have to work on Saturday, so I slept in a bit. It was glorious. I had a couple of errands to run on Saturday, all of which were within walking distance (again!) of my home. So I put on my iPod and set about running two errands.

FOUR HOURS LATER I returned home because I simply could not resist the temptation to walk and walk and walk and walk around my neighborhood. The weather was too perfect, and we are just at the apex of the gorgeous Atlanta spring. Knowing that this was probably my last opportunity this year to see the dogwoods in full bloom, I strolled around Midtown with great music underscoring the stunning day. Walked up the streets and checked out some houses. Turned into the park and explored every corner. I haven't felt that inclined to spend time outdoors in a long time, and it felt wonderful.

Home for few domestic tasks, then off to the OSW's for a rather amazing dinner. The best part about not being a cook m'self is that it usually results in dinner invitations to the OSW's house. The company was even better than the food. Anyhoo, we walked up Fifth Skreet to an engagement party which was lovely, but I'd like to encourage all heterosexuals to find a new theme for their kasual get-togethers. Tex-mex is a little played out. Just sayin'. Ok, I'll cut the catty. After that, we hit the W Hotel, which was not unlike the aforementioned restaurant. I mean, there must be a new aesthetic just around the corner. The just MUST be!

On Sunday, I slept in a bit again, then went to work (as much as it killed me to do so - the weather was perfect once again). After that, a classic Family Roundup at the Ponderosa in honor of my father's sixtieth birthday. Sixty. Amazing. There were no "old jokes" and krap like that...just all of us eating good food, laughing, and talking about the future. Good times.

And in the Toot My Own Horn department, I managed to avoid all wicked temptation to eat badly. Sure, I may have consumed a certain quantity of empty calories thanks to a few gin-and-tonics, but I didn't consume one chicken biscuit, cheeseburger, or quesadilla to make things better.

So. I stayed on track, had some fun, walked a lot, had dinner with the OSW, had great family time, and enjoyed so much of what Our Fair City has to offer. A pretty great weekend, if ya ask me.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

i heart kristin wiig

This is perhaps one of the FUNNIEST things to have been on SNL in recent memory. These kinds of jokes never, EVER get old....

Thursday, April 17, 2008

just so's you know i'm serious

It's 70 degrees and GORGEOUS outside right now. The humidity is low low low. The pollen isn't killing me. I'm sure that all the boys will be out tonight, hammin' it up at the new W Hotel lounge. It will probably be really fun.

But I'm stayin' home.

You see, if I go out, I'll drink. "Can't you just have one?" you might ask. One drink? What's that?

And if I do that, I'll be dining on chicken biscuits and cheeseburgers and quesadillas for the next two days to cure the hangover.

I'm living these days by the following mantra:

"I will not spend six weeks in P'Town in a muumuu!"

I will not.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

it's official...

...I'll be spending six weeks in this paradise this summer. Six weeks. My heart flutters just thinking about it.

I owe this extraordinary opportunity to the kindness of two of the loveliest people on the planet. And, after much taunting from Old Southern Women who didn't think I had the balls to go through with it, I finally threw cash into the wind last night and booked my flight.

Not that I needed to be asked twice. I mean, how often does someone offer YOU a place to stay in your vacation destination of choice for little more than the cost of stocking the bar when they come up to visit? No, I didn't need to be asked twice...but I did have to think for a second. Six weeks away from home is a long time...

But then I recalled the LAST time I spent six weeks away from home. The last time I threw cash into the wind, put everything in Atlanta on hold, and went away on a bit of an adventure. This resulted, and it was the best time of my life, as was the trip to Provincetown that followed.

No, I don't expect a repeat of that magical summer. Such wondrous times occur as the result of a gorgeous and random combination of people, places, and things. But when the universe presents you with such gracious gifts, it would be criminal not to accept them.

I plan to read a lot, write a lot, not watch any television, ride my bike everywhere, see friends, make friends, and get some stuff together.


Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Lawrt. I don't know if it's my general fatigue from work or the pollen, but I'm dragging.

I'm tempted to blame the pollen. The count in Our Fair City is already in the thousands, and won't let up for a few weeks. Just another reason we need more rain. I mean, the air is THICK with the shit. I swear it feels like walking through jell-o. People from other cities don't believe me when I speak of pollen clouds bursting forth from trees in the wind. Or rivers of yellow in the occasional rain. And everything feels gritty and grainy.

On the lighter side, however, I enjoyed much success this weekend at work. Additionally, my plans for the summer are solidifying, and I couldn't be happier.

Despite the yellow plague (and I ain't talkin' 'bout hepatitis), this is going to be a marvelous spring, kids....

Friday, April 04, 2008

plumbing new depths

You know what? We all know that there are terrible and awful things to see on the interweb. Any depravity of the human experience can be conjured with a keystroke. I've seen some pretty crass things, but this takes the cake.

Don't worry - it's totally SFW.

Yes, it may seem benign, but I read it and finally understand why the terrorists really hate us.

Thanks to Little John for the link.

Good. Lord.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

well, hello!

My goodness!

I don't know what's going on, but I feel terrific these days.

I typically have to be dragged kicking and screaming out of bed in the morning; but lately I've been up with the birds, fit as a fiddle and ready for love.

Maybe it's the gorgeous springtime that's blooming outside my door. Maybe it's the impending happy events at work. Maybe it's the fact that I am beginning to make some amazing plans for summer. Who knows?

I'll take it.