Friday, August 15, 2008

shall we all meet in the autumn?

Here it is, only mid-August, and the leaves are already changing. It's very subtle, but there is a dustiness to the maple trees that border my home, and I know enough to know that it won't be too long before the fireworks begin. I'm curious about the effect of this drought on this year's autumnal palette.

It is strange to me that for the first time, I do not mourn the passing of the summer. It always brought anxiety to me when I was in school (all that early rising and schoolwork), and now that I work in the same environment, I'm surprised that those feelings have not been resurrected. I had the best summer of my life, a summer that a small part of me wishes had never ended.

But I have many great things looming on the horizon. I've got some pretty great travel plans in the works for the fall and winter. I've gone back to work and have found great satisfaction and inspiration there. And I'm excited about some other stuff that I frankly don't wish to explain in detail - but trust me: it's all good.

In other, more banal news:

* I'm not working today, and will try to have a "no driving" day.
* Two appliances at my home have had a meltdown, but I'm handy enough to fix them (or just do the American thing and throw them out and purchase new ones)
* Since I came home last week, I've dined FOUR times with the OSW
* My tenant left my home in impeccable condition (which I'm inclined to maintain)
* I'm still coughing up the mold and mildew of Grey Gardens (at least, I hope that's the source of this ridiculous, persistent cough). Cue scene from "Camille..."
* On tap for the weekend: dinner with friends tonight, work, a party, work, and the first Family Roundup since we all got back to Atlanta from points north. At my sister's new home.

Life in America is hard, y'all...

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