Saturday, August 30, 2008

another reason to ditch my car

I got up bright and early today (after my morning phone call from the OSW) and set about my Saturday errands: haircut, lunch with Mrs. Steve, grocery, then home. Upon my return home, I discovered that the gate to our common garage wasn't functioning, leaving us all to park illegally on the street. All of the available LEGAL spaces were taken up by some annoying idiot in my building who was having a party celebrating some sort of athletic contest today. College football, I believe. Some school with red and white colors. I know this because our common spaces are festooned with the most vulgar balloons and cheap streamers in these colors. There are also all kinds of folks walking around in red and black clothing, drinking out of plastic cups and spouting nonsense about how THEIR team is the best and "heh heh heh..I'm really going to enjoy taking your money when the game's over" and other such krap. Call me a snob, but I just can't stand the culture that surrounds college and professional football. Gross. And they're taking up all of my parking spaces.

Since our good-for-nothing management company refuses to address the malfunctioning garage until TUESDAY (due to the holiday), I decided to avoid a possible ticket-and-towing scenario and park my car at the OSW's house. He's out of town, and I was planning a "car free" weekend anyway. So I drove over there, parked, watered his plants, and strolled back home.

My mood shifted when I called the OSW to let him know that I was parking at his house. He's up in PTown, and basically he let me know that I had made a mark on the town, and that the mark remains. He told me that he felt like he was home, and that he misses me. I look very much forward to the time when we're not giving each other reports on the phone, across that great distance.

I walked back home, listening to extraordinary music and once again giving thanks to whatever, for everything. I even scaled down my hatred of the idiots in my building, but just a little bit.

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